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Sheep Club is a collection of 2000 unique randomly generated Sheep, stored on the Solana blockchain. Our goal is to build a perfect ecosystem in Solana blockchain with as many people as possible, forming a vast community around them with owner-exclusive benefits, a communal wallet, and a future voting mechanism.

Mint Your Sheep
Total Supply: 2,000 Unique Sheep Club


PHASE 1 : Sc Community

✔ Finalise Artwork
✔ Launch Website
✔ Launch Discord & Twitter
✔ Building community and raising its awareness.
✔ Creating a whitelist presale with events , fan art competitions via   social media, and selected DAOs
✔ Blue Chip Collaborations


✔ Opening pre-sale whitelist for dedicated members. Early adopters get      rewarded.
✔ Presale mint & Discord Giveaways
✔ Early supporters and active social media members get a chance to win   some free NFTs.
✔ Public mint phase start
✔ Secondary market listing
✔ Setting up Rarities and attributes on rarity provider websites holders
✔ More collaborating and partnering with other projects that align with   our vision.


✔ All SC NFT holders will receive a $Shupo airdrop. Our native token will   be distributed to all members.
✔ Staking begins three days after the mint is completed.
✔ Staking more sheep will give you more $Shupo
✔ Verification setup and sheep DOA setup.The future NFT airdrop events   will be open to all SC NFT holders.
✔ We will be offering whitelist pre-sale opportunities for other   projects, and giveaways exclusively for $shupo token holders

PHASE 4 : DAO Launch

✔ The DAO will be a major step in our Launch , we want to make our   community choose The way to reinvest the sheep's purse money , and   projects that are in line with the vision of our society.

✔ The DAO will be helpful for our,to Launch play 2 Earn in the metaverse   world that will connect every member of our community. and help him   make profit.
✔ Every Two week, each holder will receive 10% of royalties!
✔ WL giveaways especially for other Blue-Chip projects !that are in line   with the vision of our society.


we will create the $shupo token which will be used as the main investment tool for the new order. $shupo will be used for all transactions on our marketplace. Also, holders will be rewarded in $shupo once staking goes live, and $40,000 will be added to LP to start .Level attribute will be included in the sheep collections. We will activate leveling system in may . By leveling up, you can increase the rarity of NFTs. by owning a certain number of $shupo Staking income will be higher for higher level NFTs.
High Level = High Earnings and Rarity
*$SHUPO Auctions- SOL NFTs- Whitelist Spots- Whitelist Tokens- SHEEP Collection- You can use it to bet against other sheep in battles, HODL, buy products from the online store. Buy SOL NFTs with $SHUPO You can buy SOL NFT with $DRAY with a 10% discount from the floor price. Buy SHEEP NFTs with $SHIPO You can buy SHEEP NFT with $SHUPO with 15% discount from floor price.
Sheep club will be One of the Largest Investment Wallets - %40 sheep  Mint Revenue Instantly Transfer to DAO Wallet Sheep DAO club wallets are part of the sheep club collection. The sheep project is meant to be a long-term endeavor. With the sheep club collecting and Royalties earnings, we developed development, investment, and management infrastructures for the project. With the sheep fund, we hope to establish the sheep DAO brand. We intend to develop the Investment DAO brand by holding one of the major investment wallets in the Solana network.
The platform will be launched immediately after the mint is completed ,Revenues from the marketplace will be distributed 70% of them to members according to rarity,The rest will be donated to associations and organizations in need.
We will be creating an MERCH on our website to allow users to purchase products using $SHUPO which will include :This will include different products, merchandise, T-Shirts, hoodies sweatshirts, hats, and more! As a sheep club NFT holder, you will receive a discounted - price on all Online Store Items.
Come test your luck after the sell out. We will have a mystery box containing $5,000 worth of prizes. By owning a sheep, you will automatically join the game. The more sheeps you have the more chances you will Get.Good luck!


Who is the owner of the NFT?

Once you own a particular SC, SHEEP CLUB  Team grants you a license to use copy and display the purchased art worldwide, whether for personal or commercial use. Ownership of the NFT is mediated entirely by the Smart Contract and the Solana Network.


In order to buy NFT you will need a digital wallet. Sheep Club are Solana blockchain collection. We recommend using a computer and Phantom wallet for the best minting experience!


Because Solana is the future of NFTs. With gas prices being ridiculously high on Ethereum we decided the only reasonable choice was Solana with their amazing NFT toolsets and nearly free TX costs. We want to push Solana as they seem keen to give the best tools to artists, and we appreciate that.


Pre-Mint is limited to 4, per wallet
PUBLIC is limited to 3, per wallet